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Retirement horse boarding
Alpine horse ranch retirement boarding san diego
Beautiful horse boarding ranch in alpine ca
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Alpine horse boarding
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Where Horses Retire Happy

Welcome to Olivewood Acres! Southern California’s premier horse ranch located in the heart of Alpine, Ca. We are a small ranch full of rustic, Victorian charm, and a community of horse loving individuals. Offering full-service and flexible boarding options from pastures to barns. 

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Alpine, CA
30 min from San Diego

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21 Stalls
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5 Pastures

Our Story

From the moment you enter the property you can feel the rich history this enchanted horse ranch has to offer. In the 1930’s it was a retreat for Hollywood actors , including popular western star Randolph Scott. It’s many brick and mortar structures have been home to over 100 world-class Eastern Arabian horses under the stewardship of Pete McNeil. Pete McNeil went on to receive a Lifetime Achievement award by the Eastern Crabbett Arabian Horse Society and became the President of the Desert Arabian Horse Association until his passing in 2018.

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Horse Retirement Boarding

Horse Amenities

Offering full-service and flexible boarding options from pastures to barns. Let us know how we can make you and your horse happy!

Horse boarding services

Grain & Supplements

You provide the feed or supplements and we do the rest.

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Hay variety options for your horse.

Horse board


We offer riding, lunging, and hand walking services.

East county horse boarding

Fly Protection

Daily application of client-provided fly spay. Fly mask, fly sheet and fly boot on/off services.
Horse boarding in alpine

Blanketing Service

Blankets can be taken on and off at your desired weather conditions.
Olivewood acres horse boarding

Bathing & Grooming

Routine grooming, prepping for a show, or even braiding mains or tails.

Horse boarding with trailer

Trailer Parking

Easy access to your horse trailer, parked right at the ranch.
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Tack Rooms

Private and shared tack room options are available
Alpine horse boarding


Oral medicine or injections, bandage changes, and first aid needs.
Horse board

220 Acres of Trails

Easy to access, just outside our gates. 

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About The Owner

At Olivewood Acres, my personal journey and passion for horses converge. Raised in Harbison Canyon and influenced by the equine elegance from classic movies, my connection to these majestic creatures began early. The scent of hay and earth was part of my daily drive, while horse-riding through the fire roads of Harbison Canyon to Alpine was my childhood adventure.

This ranch, a labor of love, was a diamond in the rough when I first set eyes on it. I’ve since devoted myself to its revival, focusing on a vision where retired horses can live out their days in peace and comfort. Here, I’m not just maintaining a property; I’m honoring a legacy and crafting a retreat where retired & layup horses looking for rest and relaxation find a lifestyle that befits their grace and history.

Layup With Us

For horses looking for a beautiful place to relax and rest after a long competitive season.