Embracing Holistic Care for Aging Horses at Olivewood Acres

Embracing Holistic Care for Aging Horses at Olivewood Acres


At Olivewood Acres, nestled among the serene whisper of pine trees, we believe in providing a nurturing and holistic approach that also incorporates modern day medicine and practices into the care of our aging equine residents. The golden years of a horse’s life can be as fulfilling as their youth, and holistic care plays a pivotal role in ensuring these years are comfortable, peaceful, and joyful.

The Philosophy of Holistic Care

Holistic care involves viewing each horse as a whole – considering their physical, mental, and emotional health collectively. It’s about moving beyond traditional care methods and integrating natural and alternative practices that promote overall well-being. We offer a hybrid approach as needed. When we don’t know the answer, we have resources we can lean on for their holistic perspective. Perspective is very different then an agenda.

Tailored Nutrition and Herbal Remedies

Our senior horses often require more nuanced nutrition plans to maintain their health. At Olivewood Acres, we can tailor each horse’s diet to meet their specific needs, focusing on easily digestible, high-fiber feeds, and ensuring they get all the necessary nutrients as our relationship with both horse and rider grow.

Every horse is different but natural remedies known for centuries have been known to support various health conditions commonly seen in older horses. From anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric to digestive aids like ginger and soothing chamomile, these natural supplements can provide gentle, effective support alongside conventional treatments. For a deeper dive check out our blog post: Tailored Nutrition and Herbal Remedies.

Gentle Exercise and Bodywork

Exercise remains a crucial part of keeping our senior horses healthy. However, the intensity and nature of these exercises are carefully adjusted as they age. Therapeutic exercises, leisurely walks, and gentle grazing in our pastures help maintain their muscle tone and joint mobility, keeping them physically engaged without overexertion.

Bodywork, including equine massage and chiropractic care, is another facet of our holistic approach when needed. These practices help alleviate discomfort from stiffness or arthritis, improve circulation, and enhance overall body awareness.

Stress Reduction and Emotional Health

The tranquility of Olivewood Acres itself contributes significantly to the holistic well-being of our horses. The quiet, peaceful environment, free from the hustle and bustle of competitive stables, allows horses to relax and engage in natural behaviors. This sense of peace extends to the horse owners as well, offering them a tranquil retreat to enjoy meaningful, relaxing moments in nature alongside their cherished horses. For additional information check out our blog post: The Vital Role of Stress Reduction and Emotional Health in Senior Horses

The Healing Power of Nature

Being surrounded by nature, with ample opportunity to roam and explore, provides mental stimulation and a sense of freedom crucial for emotional health. Our spacious pastures, surrounded by tall pine trees, offer not just a picturesque view but a healing environment where horses can connect with the earth and their innate equine instincts with some friend.

A Community of Care

At Olivewood Acres, we’re not just a retirement space; we’re a community deeply committed to the well-being of the horses in our care. Regular check-ins by equine veterinarians skilled in geriatric care, a staff passionate about horse welfare, and an environment tailored to aging needs— all work in harmony, embodying our philosophy of holistic and traditional care.

Holistic care for aging horses isn’t just about adding years to their life; it’s about adding life to their years. At Olivewood Acres, every horse is an individual with their own story, preferences, and needs. By embracing a holistic and traditional approach, we ensure each story is honored, every preference is respected, and every need is met with compassion and understanding.

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