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Barn and large paddock horse boarding in alpine


Welcome to Olivewood Acres, where horses are happy!

Southern California’s premier horse boarding facility located in the heart of Alpine, Ca. We are a small ranch full of rustic, Victorian charm, and a community of horse loving individuals.

Offering full-service and flexible boarding options from pastures to barns. 

Let us know how we can make you and your horse happy!

We have a story

From the moment you enter the property you can feel the rich history this enchanted horse ranch has to offer. In the 1930’s it was a retreat for Hollywood actors , including popular western star Randolph Scott. It’s many brick and mortar structures have been home to over 100 world-class Eastern Arabian horses under the stewardship of Pete McNeil. Pete McNeil went on to receive a Lifetime Achievement award by the Eastern Crabbett Arabian Horse Society and became the President of the Desert Arabian Horse Association until his passing in 2018.


We honor Pete and Paula’s Legacy today by preserving the Ranch’s rich history for generations to come. Harold Pete McNeil- 1930 – June 2018






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Only the Best


Something for everyone! Pastures, paddocks and barns. Choice of feed and many optional services available to suit your needs. 


Smile! It’s a horse!

It’s a cheerful crowd here at Olivewood. We do what we can to keep this a positive and uplifting environment for all.


Let the Good Times Roll

Ranch events, group trail rides, potlucks, and friendly competitions keep us connected and entertained.


We’ve Got Your Back

It takes a team, a village, and sometimes an entire group of horse lovers, but you’re never alone. We’ve got your back, and so do the other boarders. It’s a team effort.


Peace, Calm & Tranquility

Tranquil environment to hang out and enjoy the afternoon with your four-legged bestie


Nap Time Anyone?

Don’t worry. You wouldn’t be the first person to doze off in the shade while your horse grazes in the pasture.


Education & Encouragement

Inspiring each other. Encouraging growth and education. We host monthly events to showcase various aspects of the horse industry and discover ways to improve our horsemanship.

Let’s Horse Around Together!

Come take a tour. Meet the gang. See if you and your horse like our vibe. 






What People are Saying


I Loved My Time at This Gorgeous Ranch!

“The property is awesome with huge stabling options, brand new footing in the ring, gigantic pasture turn outs and amazing trails. Nyna Lynn is the BEST in horse care that I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve had horses for 35 years. She caught my horse colicing, called me immediately, gave her medication as instructed, and she walked her and cared for her in the hot summer sun until the vet and I could get out there (which she did not have to do). She genuinely cares about all horses as if they are her own and I trust her implicitly with mine or any horse. This farm is lovely, the owner works really hard to make it a safe and special place for all, the workers there love horses, and the boarders are friendly and fun. Definitely a great place to call home for a horse.”

Justine D.


“My Piece of Paradise”

Spending an afternoon with my horse is the peaceful tranquility I always search for. Owner, manager, and fellow boarders are supportive and so lovely to be around. I appreciate the well-maintained facilities, lighted arena, and direct access to trails. After over a year, I am still proud to call Olivewood Acres my horse’s home.

Shanda W.


“A Great Trainer”

This little hideaway is an oasis in the heart of Alpine. Such a peaceful place to spend time with your horse. I had the privilege of watching trainer Tanja work with two horses, a young colt and a beautiful Friesian. She was so quiet and calm. I could see the horses listening to her. I really respect her approach to training. Highly recommend.

Emma R.


“My Home Away From Home”

My horses and I really love it here! It is a beautiful place to spend time on your horse in the big arena, the easy access trails or just grazing and hanging out. The owner enjoys non-riding family members to come and enjoy the grounds. I appreciate the attention and love given to my horses and am very grateful for all the help with lessons and questions. I am so happy to have come upon Olivewood Acres in my search for the best boarding facility! It is a work in progress, but when you can see all the potential, you feel very fortunate to be a part of what is and will be taking place on this peaceful, beautiful ranch! Thank you, everyone at Olivewood Acres!

Diana H.