Horse Boarding Vista, CA

Olivewood Acres, conveniently located just 1 hour from Vista, offers a peaceful setting for horse boarding with a special focus on retirees. Vista horse owners looking for a facility that understands the nuances of caring for older horses will find our offerings robust and thoughtful. From quiet, shaded paddocks to soft, sandy arenas perfect for light exercise, every feature is designed with the comfort and health of retired horses in mind.

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We Specialize in Retirement Horse Boarding near Vista, CA

For those in Vista seeking a dedicated retirement horse boarding facility, Olivewood Acres is the go-to place. We provide specialized care for retired horses, including therapeutic activities and a calm, nurturing environment that promotes their well-being. Our tailored services ensure each horse enjoys a relaxed and joyful retirement.


Some of Our Perks

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Types of Horse Boarding We Offer Near Vista, CA

Olivewood Acres near Vista offers diverse boarding options primarily focused on accommodating retired horses. Our facilities include spacious barns with easy-access stalls and extensive pastures that allow horses to graze and roam in a natural setting. Each boarding type is crafted to offer comfort and tranquility, ensuring that retired horses receive the highest standard of care.

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For horses looking for a beautiful place to relax and rest after a long competitive season.