Finding peace of mind

Horse Retirement

The struggle to find a horse retirement home that understands your horse’s needs ends here. At Olivewood Acres, we focus on what really matters: happy, healthy horses.

Among the whirlwind of characters in the equestrian community, Olivewood Acres stands as a haven of common sense and good humor.

Our Serene Environment

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Quiet and Peaceful

Free from the constant hustle and bustle typical of other stables, promoting a stress-free atmosphere.

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Spacious Stalls

Located both indoor and outdoor, in multiple barns, offering comfortable, airy, and secure accommodations.

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Tranquil Pine Trees

Creating a calm, natural backdrop that soothes both horses and their owners.

Every Horse Gets

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Fresh Water

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Daily Hay

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Daily Stall Cleaning

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Use of facilities

Quality over Quantity

Unlike conventional stables, we don’t aim to fill our space with as many horses as possible. We believe in the importance of individual attention, ensuring that each horse receives the dedicated care and love they deserve every single day. This personalized approach sets us apart, providing your beloved horse with a peaceful and fulfilling retirement.

Retirement with a Touch of Play

Touch of elegance even in retirement. We understand the need for gentle exercise and engagement. Olivewood Acres is equipped with:

  • State-of-the-Art Arena: Perfect for light work, helping keep your horses happy and healthy.
  • Round Pen: For safe, focused training or leisure activities.
  • Five Lush Pastures: Offering ample space for grazing, roaming, and relaxation (seasonal grass).
  • Trail Access: Over 220 acres right off the property. 

Layup With Us

For horses looking for a beautiful place to relax and rest after a long competitive season.