Retirement Horse Boarding

Discover a Sanctuary Where Horses Thrive in Their Golden Years


At Olivewood Acres, we cherish the bond between horses and their owners. Nestled among whispering pine trees, our haven is far more than a boarding stable – it’s a dedicated retreat for the retirement of your equine companion.


Our Philosophy: Quality Over Quantity. Unlike conventional stables, we don’t aim to fill our space with as many horses as possible. We believe in the importance of individual attention, ensuring that each horse receives the dedicated care and love they deserve every single day. This personalized approach sets us apart, providing your beloved horse with a peaceful and fulfilling retirement.


A Serene Environment: Olivewood Acres stands as an oasis amid the beauty of nature. Our expansive property features:

  • Tranquil Tall Pine Trees: Creating a calm, natural backdrop that soothes both horses and their owners.
  • Spacious Indoor-Outdoor Stalls: Located in multiple barns, offering comfortable, airy, and secure accommodations.
  • Quiet and Peaceful Ranch: Free from the constant hustle and bustle typical of other stables, promoting a stress-free atmosphere.
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Retirement with a Touch of Elegance

Touch of elegance even in retirement. We understand the need for gentle exercise and engagement. Olivewood Acres is equipped with:

  • State-of-the-Art Arena: Perfect for light work, helping keep your horses happy and healthy.
  • Round Pen: For safe, focused training or leisure activities.
  • Five Lush Pastures: Offering ample space for grazing, roaming, and relaxation.

Our Vision

At Olivewood Acres, we see every horse as a valued member of our family. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring their retirement is filled with compassion, comfort, and the gentle rhythm of nature. Our vision is to create a peaceful world where retired horses can enjoy their days surrounded by care, comfort, and the gentle touch of nature.

Join Us at Olivewood Acres

Discover a retirement experience that honors the dignity of your equine friend. Visit us to see the difference at Olivewood Acres, where every sunset marks another day in paradise for our retired residents.

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All Boarding Options Include:

*Up to 20lbs your choice of hay, fed in three feedings a day

*Stall cleaning once a day

*Fresh water

*Use of facilities

View our services to custom design your board package.

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