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Meet Tobey

“A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart and wins with his character.” 

Tobey and katie


Tobey Tyler

Owner & Ranch Ambassador

Hi, I’m Tobey,

I am the proud owner of Olivewood Acres. From humble beginnings, to owning this beautiful horse ranch I consider myself very blessed. I contribute most of my good fortune to my mother, my grandmother and my brother who raised me.

I remember driving past a horse ranch on the way to my pre-school as a child. I would roll down my window every morning just to get a whiff of the horses. If watching a movie was an option I wanted to watch an old western or The Man From Snowy River. If I wanted to draw something it was a horse and if my mom and I wanted to get out of the house on the weekend I would insist on going to the seven-eleven right around the corner because it was conveniently located next to a Tack Store where I could wear my spurs, drink my big gulp and munch on a hot dog. When it came time for my mother and I to relocate from El Cajon, I picked Harbison Canyon because there were horses and outdoor spaces to be a kid. As far back as I can remember I was fascinated with horses. It wasn’t long after moving to Harbison Canyon I was mucking stalls, cleaning hoofs, grooming, deworming and riding horses with my neighbor’s leisurely through the mountains that connected Harbison Canyon to Alpine.

I’m honored to work next to my team, support their vision of success, provide the highest quality of care for the horses under our supervision and inspire the people closest to me, to chase their dreams where ever it may lead them. Forever grateful to the many people that have supported my vision, gone above and beyond to make this my reality and trusted Olivewood Acres with their furry friends.

The life I’ve Created

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Every Special Moment Matters

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